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Art of watercolor and oil.

Senaste nytt

2021-03-24 22:05
Arttour Norra Vätterns...
Welcome to this year's arttour. It takes place between May 1-2 between 10-17. You will find me at stop 58. For more information see link. Address: Borringe Mellangård 591 79 Fornåsa

2020-08-30 12:59
Arttour Södra...
Welcome to this years arttour!


Juried art exhibition

2016-07-02 11:03
Right now I am taking part in the juried art exhibition in Askersund. It is at Hamnmagasinet between the first of July to August 7. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 12-17 and Saturday to Sunday 12-16. Welcome!

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